Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

I wasn't quite sure what to put for this post... Seeing as that I haven't been blogging on here for anywhere close to a year. Try a month at the most... Maybe? 

Hehe, so long story short, I am going to do a post about next year. The things that I hope to accomplish by this time next year. 

If all goes well, I will have... 

Learned how to drive with a permit and be a licensed driver - I turn 16 next fall, so YAY! Also, being able to drive myself places will make life more flexible for my family. 

 Read through the whole Bible once more Bible-Gateway has some AWESOME reading plans for the new year... You can make the choice between a deep study per month, studying one proverb per month, reading through the New Testament and/or Old Testament in an allotted period of time... It's quite amazing for accountability and people *hem* like me, who tend to get distracted. I'm excited! 

 Be immersed in the exact middle of my junior year - Next year at this time (considering that I don't completely fail my sophomore year, which is a liable option), I will be at the halfway mark in my junior year. That means a ton of homework (yay) and *shudder* college searching/visits. 

Have run another year of cross country - And hopefully, I'll avoid those time-killing injuries! I actually have been training... ;) 

Read through my local library again - Seriously, it's a task keeping fresh reading material in front of me. 

Finished some new writing projects and edited some - I would love to be given the precious time to be able to write more often, I really would. But if this one doesn't get done, I'll survive. Writing is a big part of my life, but there are other things, which demand my attention. So, fingers crossed for writing!

Working a job - College is rapidly approaching, and it ain't exactly paying for itself. I've begun filling out applications.... Fingers crossed again!

And that's about all that I could think of... Besides training, which I already mentioned under cross country. Anywho, I really hope that this year is as awesome as last year! 

Do you have any resolutions for the new year? What about new year's day traditions? 

Bonne annee! Novus annus felix! 
Happy New Year! 


  1. I am very seriously thinking about getting a job once I turn sixteen (which is in three months AHHHH), and even though I'm excited, I'm super nervous, because that means I'll have a lot less time for blogging and reading and writing. *deep breath* But it's necessary because I need the money for books! *cough* Did I say books? I mean like... a car.


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