Sunday, May 15, 2016


I must be making it up there somehow... I mean, I got tagged. Hehe, just kiddingggg. I just have super awesome friends who all contribute to my happiness and make me feel good about my blog even though it's probably awful. 
These tags are from my wonderful friend, Hannah, from Ink Blots and Coffee Stains.

Here's the general idea: 

You thank the person who nominated you... Many thanks, Hannah, my friend! 
Answer the questions given to you. 
Nominate 10 /gulp/ other bloggers. 
Create new questions for their enjoyment! 

This one is called "The Writer Q&A." 

Okie dokie, now we got the technical stuff outta the way, let's get down to the real thing. 

1. How do you organize your writing projects? - At the moment, I'm in a very serious relationship with Google Drive. The organization it provides for is simply beautiful. PLUS, I've never lost any projects via Google Drive and I've had painful experiences elsewhere. AAAAND, I can send and receive things from my writing friends. Very much organized. Petra is pleased. 

2. Has another author you formerly respected ever disappointed you? - I'm siding with Hannah here... Rick Riordan without a doubt. Besides being a troll, the emotional anguish he placed upon me literally went nowhere. I mean, he didn't kill any of my babies, but stillllll. I was kind of disappointed in the last two books. Plus, the whole Nico thing kind of horrified me. 

3. Which is easier to develop: characters or plots? - Hmm, probably characters. It's very easy for me to find my 'voice' and roll with the punches after that. Plots are tricky and painful. 

4. Fandoms? - Oh my. This could be is dangerous territory. LOTR, Narnia, Classics, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Selection, Marvel, Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc. 

5. Do you read fast or slow? - Depends. If it's modern YA fiction, I speed through books at a scary pace. That being said, I can only read so much modern fiction before I get totally fed up with this generation and resort back to my trusty classics. Classics take me awhile to digest through... And I enjoy this process. I love the complex sentence structures and the eloquent vocabulary. Makes me long for more books from those brilliant authors... /sigh/ back in the day when literature was actually literature and I didn't have to skim christian reviews for obscene material. I could go on a whole rant about this. Don't even get me started /seethes/. 

6. Describe your most recent WIP (work in progress) in a paragraph. - Several traditional fairytale princesses (think Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, and Beauty and the Beast) are sent on a quest to defeat darkness. May or may not involve a mean sort of prophecy. Oops. 

7. Why do you write? - Um, because I want to, okay? Kidding, I actually really enjoy it. I also love the writing fandom that GTW has created. Sending memes, torturing our characters, and drooling over those extra shots of espresso is just part of our lifestyles... And I'm so thankful that I've got people to share it with... /starts bawling/ 

8. What inspires you to write? - A fear of never being heard. I'm not usually a vocal person and so writing is one of my outlets and main forms of communication. 

9. Name a bookish pet peeve. - Oh my lands. The diverse options of this question. I like it. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves is computer trouble. When I'm writing and my computer automatically restarts. Or gets a virus. And contaminates the entire novel. The whole thing. /cue sobbing/ 

Next tag is also from Hannah, and it's entitled "The Infinity Dream Tag." 

1. What's your favorite K-name? - Hmm... Probably Katriella. And that's just cause it belongs to my sister and she's amazing. I also envy her name. I mean, who wouldn't want a princess name? 

2. What are your birthday traditions? - My family does something called Birthday Week. Instead of receiving a whole bunch of stuff on one day, we spread it out over the duration of a week. 

3. Typing or handwriting? - I LOVE handwriting! 

4. Do you collect anything? - I save all my letters... I also have a lot of pretty journals. Also, BOOKS.  
5. Least favorite chore? - Hmm... For the most part, I don't mind cleaning. I really don't like being on my hands and knees for too long though, because my hips and back have been bothering me lately. I know, I know... I'm aging fast for a 15 year old /face palm/. 

6. How long have you been blogging and do you have any tips to share? - I'm a newborn in this aspect of book blogging. I've been blogging photos for forever, though. I would just tell you to keep at it. Even if you have a busy spell when posting seems impossible, just keep at it. Silence is nothing to fear and you just have to prioritize the things that are most important to you. 

7. Do you prefer longer blog posts to shorter ones? - I like both. 

8. If you were given $100, what would you do with it? - At this point, I'd save it for college. /gulps/ School ain't payin' for itself, sadly. 

9. If you could visit one fictional world, what would it be? - Definitely Hogwarts. I've never stopped believing that I'm Hermione... And though I'm the muggle version of her, I'd love to live the wizard side of the world. PLUS, who wouldn't want to Accio Chocolate? 

10. Do you write your blog posts before schedule or on the spur of the moment? - I'm a procrastinator... It's rare to find me doing something early. Of course, I'm also a busy person, so there isn't time to work ahead. 

Thanks for tagging me, Hannah! This has been fun! 

I don't really know any bloggers who haven't been tagged yet... But if you happen to be un-tagged, please feel free to jump on the bandwagon! 

Do we share any similarities on these answers? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Ahhhh great answers! <3 I forgot about collecting letters. That's one thing I also do :) And I love the idea of birthday week. That's so cool!

  2. Ahh, fun post! I love the header. <3

    Accio chocolate. I KNOW, RIGHT? Sometimes when things I need are missing, I just wish and wish that I could yell, "Accio [insert item]!" :P

    And YES. Plots are super-duper-alley-ooper hard for me to develop. Characters... pretty easy. Plots? My bane.


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