Wednesday, March 1, 2017

f e b r u a r y {recap} | 2017

February recap... let's go!

Compared to February in past years, I feel like this one went by all too quickly. Well, not too quickly. But just quicker than usual. I'm quite happy to be out of the boring part of the year :) 

Anywho, let's get right into it! 

I only was able to read 4 books this month. I know, I know. Pathetic, right? 

I read Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman for school and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The poetry lover in me definitely made several appearances this month and I was very excited about this particular piece. I definitely recommend it! 

Next, I read the final book in The Space Trilogy, by C.S. Lewis. That Hideous Strength was the perfect conclusion to this trilogy and it was full of good reminders for day to day life. Again, I definitely recommend the entire trilogy! 

And lastly, I finished my reread of the entire Harry Potter series this month. The Halfblood Prince and The Deathly Hallows are just as good (if not moreso) the 4th time you read them. Just in case you were wondering. 

Favorite book of the month? 

Definitely going with the Harry Potter. Though I couldn't choose between the two. Both are vital components to the series. 

Ah, music, one of my most-used survival methods. 

Anyway, here's my February 2017 playlist, if it interests you!
I'm also still obsessively listening to musicals (cough cough Hamilton), Disney, twenty one pilots, and classical music. Not a lot of changing there.

Keepin' it simple here.

Going from left to right: The Crown, The Flash, Girl Meets World, & Lab Rats. In that order. 
The Crown and Lab Rats were new findings for me and I'm in the middle of the new seasons of The Flash and Girl Meets World. 

First things first, I began doing a cleanse/detox during the 2nd week of this month and it's going really well so far! 
Secondly, I've been busy with school (no surprise there) and sibling sports. All my siblings are playing basketball, so I've been busy going to different games during the week and on Saturdays. 
Aaaand, I don't have a lastly for you. Hah. My life was real interesting this month :P 

I'm excited for March! Spring weather comes and the end of the school year will be in sight by the end of this month. I'm still going through the process of trying to get a job (applications, and interviews, and more interviews, and phone tag, and etc.), so hopefully something will come from that. 
I'm going to finish up the 3rd quarter next week, which leads into a lovely spring break (yay!). After that, it'll be back to the grindstone. My church also has Missions Conference this weekend, so I'm very excited for that experience. Missions Conference is always my favorite week in March. 

Aaanyyway, this was what my February looked like. It's a short post, I know, but it was also a short and pretty basic month. 

Happy March, everyone! 


  1. Oooh I've been wanting to watch the Flash! (cause I have so much spare time haaa) and I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THAT C. S. LEWIS BOOK O.O *needs it now*

    1. Hahaha, what are you saying? Isn't spare time just floating around in the air waiting for us to grab at it? :P The Flash. Yes. I recommend xD And YES THE SPACE TRILOGY IS AMAZING. YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ IT.


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