Monday, July 31, 2017

A Few Changes...

Hey, guys! 

This is just a quick little message to let you know that I'm moving my blog. It's been rough maintaining both a photo blog alongside with this one, so I'm combining the best of both worlds and creating a photography/lifestyle/writing/rant/whatever I want it to be blog. I know this little blog has gone through a lot since I started it... between all the surgeries I've performed on it and the absences I've taken, it's become pretty strong. I'm not going to delete this blog, simply because I love it... it's being retired, I suppose?

SO. You can click here to visit the new blog. I'd like to thank anyone who is still checking this blog for sticking with me through last school year. I took way too long in between posts and I'm sure y'all could tell something was going on. I've really enjoyed this little corner of the internet and I hope that you all will join me over in my new corner and continue following my journey through life.

Thanks a million!

Much love,


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